Key Stage One

The Seasons


Discover all about the seasons and how the environment changes throughout the year with these captivating picture books, suitable for Nursery and Key Stage One. The children can act out and invent their own the stories with masks. They can also take part in seasonal activities such as growing seeds, butterfly painting, leaf collages, making paper snowflakes and much more.  All art resources will need to be provided by the school for these workshops.


Rainbows small Rainbow projector2 Rainbow projector

Using this orange banded Reading Star book and the Rainbow Projector as a starting point, I can provide exciting science workshops to explore colours. The children have the opportunity to explore rainbows and where they can see them. They are encouraged to think about questions such as:

  • What colours can we see?
  • How are colours made?
  • Can we make our own rainbows?

These investigations will encourage the children to develop their skills of scientific enquiry and to observe the wide variety of colours in the world around them.

Aqua Dragons

AD Underwater Book and Insert AD Sea Friends Book and Insert AD Jurassic Book and Insert

Learn all about these Jurassic creatures with these fun fiction books. Choose which book you would like me to read and discuss. The children will discover how they can grow their own aqua dragons in the classroom, the ideal habitat and what they eat and need to survive. Schools will need to provide a suitable container to home the aqua dragons but I will supply eggs and food. Each child will receive a simple recording sheet to log their observations.


Creepy Crawly CatcherCreepy Crawly Catcher2Creepy Crawly Catcher3

I supply six fun bug fact sheets, to read and discuss as a starting point to exploring minibeasts and their habitats. The topics covered in these fact sheets include: ants, bees, beetles, butterflies and moths, ladybirds and spiders.

In small groups we can use the Creepy Crawly Catchers to go on our own outdoor adventure in the playground to catch minibeasts for observation in the classroom, if the weather allows. The children can use the information they find out to produce their own class Bug Fact File. I also have a range of indoor creative activities to support work in the classroom on each of the bug fact sheets suitable for Key Stage One and lower Key Stage Two. This includes: an ant maze, bee mask, ladybird jigsaw, beetle lifecycle wheel, spider chains, moth camouflage and butterfly finger painting. All art resources will need to be provided by the school for these creative activities.

This workshop is ideal for National Non-Fiction November.


T Rex projector

Using the dinosaur projector and my Dinosaur Fact File book as inspiration, the children will be involved in producing a class encyclopaedia, or their own non-fiction book about dinosaurs. Other books on dinosaurs and access to information about dinosaurs online for research purposes, will need to be provided by the school.

This exciting workshop can be used to support work being produced during National Non-Fiction November and is suitable for Key Stage One and lower Key Stage Two.