Key Stage Three

Star Struck Series

Starstruck - Street Style   Starstruck - Hip Hop Starstruck-StageMakeup Street Dance small

These books are written under the pseudonym Cathy West.

Combining non-fiction and fiction in one book, the Star Struck series appeals to both boys and girls. The fiction stories are accompanied by full colour illustrations with ‘speech bubble’ comic format text, offering the complete story at two reading levels.

The books can be used to inspire workshops on making a class fashion magazine, writing comic strips or making their own non-fiction books, ideal to support learning during Non-Fiction November.

Healthy Schools, Healthy Lives

Healthy Schools, Healthy Lives small

Using My Healthy Schools, Healthy Lives: A Teacher’s Guide to Tackling Childhood Obesity teacher resource I can undertake many activities to promote healthy eating, understand the importance of healthy balanced meals, examine how physical activity contributes to weight loss and its maintenance and gain a greater understanding of the obesity problem in the United Kingdom today.

Some activities I can do include:

  • Looking at the food we eat and portion control
  • Designing a Healthy menu
  • Writing persuasive jingles to encourage people to eat more healthy
  • Town Planning to gain an understanding of the needs of the community when staying fit and healthy

These activities are suitable to extend work ongoing in PSHE lessons and an ideal to support learning during National Obesity Awareness Week, World Health Day and National Healthy Eating Week.