Colours Around Me


Using these charming picture books as a starting point I can provide exciting science workshops to explore colours. The children are encouraged to think about the colours they can see and experiment with colour using different media.

The creative activities can be based around specific events such as Valentine’s Day, St Patricks Day, Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day, Red Nose Day, Easter, May Day, Harvest Festival and Christmas.

Shapes Around Me


Shapes all around us– in our homes, in the classroom, even outside in the playground. Using these beautiful picture books as a starting point I will entertain the class with interactive workshops using shapes, suitable for Nursery and Key Stage One.

The Seasons


Discover all about the seasons and how the environment changes throughout the year with these captivating picture books, suitable for Nursery and Key Stage One. The children can act out the stories with masks and invent their own stories.