Literary Consultancy 

Partial or Full Manuscript Review

This includes a report and close focus edit on either a partial or full manuscript.

The report will contain comments using the MS-Word review feature on characterisation, setting, dialogue, writing style, opening, chapter structure, pacing/tension, suitability for the age group, my thoughts on the suitability for the market, recurring errors etc.

Fee: £150 plus £10 per 1000 words

For example:

  • a 30,000 word submission would cost £150 + (30 x £10) = £450
  • a picture book of 600 words would cost £150 + (1 x £10) = £160
  • a short story of 1500 words would cost £150 + (2 x £10) = £170

Submission Package Review

This service is for when you are ready to send your book out, but you are not sure whether your package is up to scratch. Or maybe you have had numerous standard form rejections and are suspicious that your submission is the problem rather than the work itself.

The Submission Package Review will include a report on the first 3 chapters (10,000 words maximum), synopsis, blurb, cover letter – including suggestions for improvement or alternative approaches.

Please note, this does not include comments on the plot itself or a close focus edit on the first 3 chapters but will include more general comments about the opening, hook etc.

Fee: £200


I mentor a small number of writers a year. This usually involves one-to-one consultations via Skype or Facetime.

Please contact me via my contact page to discuss your requirements, so we can both ensure I am the right person to help you.

Fee: £50 per hour